Buy Three Boxes – Free Mug (Ginger)

Buy Three Boxes – Free Mug (Ginger)


Purchase any three boxes and receive a free mug!

The finest, naturally grown ginger with honey found in the world, (20) 15g, satchels, per box. Ginger Benefits: Anti-Inflammatory, Chronic indigestion, and Muscle Pain Relief.  Minumum order (2) boxes of any tea combination)



The finest, naturally grown mint / ginger with honey found in the world, (20) 15oz sachets per box.

Peppermint/Mint Benefits: Respiration, Nausea, Vomiting and Stress Relief, just to mention a few benefits.

Ginger comes in many forms – dried, powdered, as an extract, a tea, or as oil. It’s equipped with many healing properties which have a remarkable effect on the body once consumed. These health benefits include… Aids Digestion, Motion Sickness,Nausea Relief, Antiviral, Anti-inflammatory Qualities.


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